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Registration date: 21st Apr 2015
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Location: Murka
About me
Hi, I'm just someone who likes video games, writes some pretty bad comics for fun, and is surprisingly not a furry.

I also have a DeviantArt page. There you can check out all the random crap I draw

OnePunchLucario's comics
The Lemon Squad
In a universe full of edginess, metaphors, and cringy self-insert fanfic there is a group of friends part of a clan known as the Crimson Mercs. They save the world n stuff. There's also some stuff about this girl who made some mistakes and is trying to make up for it, and its like the plot or something.

I do not claim the rights to Warframe, Minecraft, or any of the other games, anime, and TV show related things referenced in this comic. This is just a crappy fancomic I am making for fun

Last update: 8 days ago
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Clemens is a dog. Clemens is an awesome dog. Clemens does things with Gerald. Gerald is also a dog. Gerald isn't as awesome. These are the things that happens in the life of Clemens.
Last update: 16th Mar 2017
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Warframe 101
(This comic was a mistake)

Parody of the video game, Warframe. I also put Warframe related fan art I make for Comicfury peeps in here

Weird fanfic created for entertainment purposes only, and to see how many cringe-worthy tropes the author could fit into one comic.

If you do happen to play the video game and care a lot for the story, then just a warning: there may be spoilers

Last update: 8th Mar 2016
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Nora's Adventureland
Nora has lost her pet dolphin in a tragic accident... Devastated, she sought help from a magical eggplant that is known for its magical eggplantyness. Actually no, she didn't...

Now, in order to pay for her dolphin's funeral, Nora must make a bazillion drillion dollars. Her only hope for getting all that cashola is to popularize her slowly dying theme park. Will Nora be able to meet her goals? Or nah dawg?

This comic is a crazy comedy with lots of action, whacky characters and bizarre scenarios. Oh, and ADVENTUREEEEEE WEEEEEEEEE YEEEEEEEE AWEZUMMMMMM.

V-flag for strong violence.
L-flag for strong language.
S-flag for sexual themed jokes.

Updates every week.

Last update: 13th Apr 2018
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Ricochet & Sawblade
Rikochet Lion and Kick Coyote are 2 life-long friends who just go on living a peaceful life without any dangers or anything. Meanwhile, their world is slowly falling apart due to foolish choices made in the past, and foolish choices that are yet to be made. Riko and Kick must also make a choice that will change their world's fate: Keep living a dangerless life, just waiting for their world to decay, or give up a peaceful life and restore their world.

On hiatus until who knows when. May reboot one day

Last update: 24th Sep 2015
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Teh Deztinee Comic
This comic is based on the game Destiny which I do not own, as mentioned in the copyright things

Warlock is a warlock. He is smart and pretty good. Titan is a titan. He is the muscle of the fireteam, but he's pretty stupid. Hunter is a hunter. She is also pretty stupid. Warlock gets super annoyed by Hunter and Titan's stupidity, but Ghost helps him through it all. Together they will travel across the solar system to defeat the darkness and fulfill their destiny!

Updates once a week

Last update: 2nd Aug 2015
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