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Hi, I'm Gigi!

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Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project
Not actually a comic...just some nice Pokemon fusions!

These fusions are done in a bracket style format. I wrote a script to pair off all the Pokemon families by which ones are the most similar (based on evolutions, forms, color, body type, and elemental types), then I draw those pairs!

Once I draw all those pairs, I then throw those fusions back into the pairing script and fuse those fusions and repeat until there's one final fusion left!

I started the project before Gen 8 dropped, so sadly it only goes up to Gen 7 (and I'd like to finish it before I die so RIP Wooloo fusion)

Last update: Today
PMD: Wildfire
Natural disasters ravage the Pokemon World, while dungeons, strange mazes that corrupt Pokemon, are increasing in number. Two different Pokemon, Autumn the Fennekin and Koda the Treecko, come together to rescue those in need, figure themselves out, and maybe save the world.


A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon webcomic loosely based off of a Nuzlocke playthrough of PMD DX.

Updates on Mondays.

Last update: 4 days ago
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Gigi's Art Dump
I like to pretend I'm still a comic artist but really it's mostly random art, usually Pokemon.
Last update: 6th Feb 2021