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Hi, I'm Gigi!

PTGigi's Webcomics
Gigi's Art Dump
I like to pretend I'm still a comic artist but really it's mostly random art, usually Pokemon.

Another SJ refugee

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project
Not actually a comic...just some nice Pokemon fusions!

These fusions are done in a bracket style format. I wrote a script to pair off all the Pokemon families by which ones are the most similar (based on evolutions, forms, color, body type, and elemental types), then I draw those pairs!

Once I draw all those pairs, I then throw those fusions back into the pairing script and fuse those fusions and repeat until there's one final fusion left!

I started the project before Gen 8 dropped, so sadly it only goes up to Gen 7 (and I'd like to finish it before I die so RIP Wooloo fusion)

Last update: Today
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