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Hi, I'm Gigi!

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PMD: Wildfire PMD: Wildfire
Natural disasters ravage the Pokemon World, while dungeons, strange mazes that corrupt Pokemon, are increasing in number. Two Pokemon, Autumn the Fennekin and Koda the Treecko, come together to rescue those in need, figure themselves out, and maybe save the world.


A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon webcomic loosely based off of a Nuzlocke playthrough of PMD DX.

Updates on Fridays.

Last update: 4 days ago
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Gigi's Art Dump Gigi's Art Dump
Mostly just random art, usually Pokemon (though at this point I can just say usually Mewtwo).
Last update: Yesterday
Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project
A series of Pokemon fusions in a bracket-style. A script I wrote pairs off all Pokemon families by a similarity score, then I create fusions of those pairs! Once all the first fusions are drawn, I then throw those fusions back into the script, draw fusions of the previous fusions, and repeat until there's one ultimate Pokemon fusion left!

This project only goes up to Gen 7 as I'm not adding new generations since I'd like to finish it before I die (so RIP Wooloo fusion)

Last update: 28th Nov 2022
Gigi's Sky Nuzlocke Gigi's Sky Nuzlocke
Reupload of my PMD: Sky Nuzlocke from 2012! Pages are posted daily.

Gigi's Sky Nuzlocke was a Nuzlocke comic of PMD: Explorers of Sky. It was originally hosted on Smackjeeves and ran from 2012 to 2014(?). When the Smackjeves site went down, the archive of this comic was lost so I'm reuploading it here now!

Last update: 15th Jan 2023
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language