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Hi! My name is Paige and I am a soliosexual lesbian! I am a demigirl so, they/them pronouns, please! I love BFDI and Inanimate Insanity. I also love My Hero Academia, Sanders Sides, Undertale, FNaF, Hazbin Hotel, and Gravity Falls. I am emo half the time and Roman the other half. My other interest includes theater, singing, piano, writing, and art. My favorite musicals include Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked, Mean Girls, Be More Chill, Six, Beetlejuice,and Waitress. I'm an Angel Dust, Virgil, Leafy, and Microphone kinnie. Follow me on Tik Tok, @LeafyPanda1. I mostly cosplay. I would love to chat and thank you for checking out my profile! Love yall! ❤😁❤