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Registration date: 22nd Feb 2015
Last seen: 25th May 2016, 4:04 PM
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Location: Iceland
About me
I go by many names, but for this comic I’ll stick with Pat.
I’m a polymath/jack of all trades with underdeveloped organising skills. Genderqueer/fluid/neutrois/agender/non-binary and pansexual/fluid. Labels are very complicated things, but then identity is complicated.

Mostly I work as a freelance/independent photographer, but every now and then my attention span wavers and I sink into a random project, like this one!

Pat's comics
My Life With Cats
I come from a long ancestral line of cat lovers and a slightly shorter line of artists. In 2013-14 I lived in Stockholm, Sweden with a cat called Monster, who inspired me to make hir antics into a comic. Later, I decided to expand it to include even more cats, and some comics that were just me and my wonderful life.

Expect equally cute and infuriating cat stories, me raging at the patriarchy and the binary gender system, the life experiences of a penniless artist and witty parables of life with mental illnesses.

Last update: 18th Apr 2016
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