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Paul Stapleton's Profile
Paul Stapleton
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Registration date: 30th May 2010
Last seen: 26th Nov 2012, 6:27 PM
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Location: Brighton, UK
About me
I've been drawing and writing comics since 2003. When I'm not doing that, I walk, cycle, go hunting for strange graffiti, play ancient computer games and play in a couple of bands.

Paul Stapleton's comics
Latchkey is a daily comic strip, and takes its cue from strips such as The Perishers, Calvin and Hobbes, and Peanuts. It's about a group of eccentric and vaguely defective kids who spend most of their time together.

Last update: 14th Feb 2012
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Facebook The Comicbook
Whether you consider Facebook to be the logical conclusion to thousands of years of communication development, or an insidious means of data farming while indoctrinating us into the mentra of surveillance under the mantle of entertainment, it can't be argued that social networking websites are a fairly absurd destination for us to have reached.

Facebook - The Comicbook is a full colour, 72 page perfect bound exploration into the bizarre and somewhat sinister world of Facebook.

Last update: 1st Jul 2010
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Zombocalypse Now
Zombocalypse now is a three part story in which Bernard Bailey and his inept and dismal film crew attempt to make a zombie movie.
Last update: 30th Jun 2010
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The Undisputed King Of Nothing
Three months was all it took to reduce the human race to a final, dying gasp. Seen through the eyes of who is so far the only survivor, The Undisputed King Of Nothing is a post-apocalyptic comic set in current day England.
Last update: 9th Dec 2011
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