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Registration date: 19th Jun 2013
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About Me
I make comics. I sometimes do other things. Like... uh... Read comics. And think about comics.

Also, if you piss me off I will destroy you with my mallet the--


Forged by the great Seeen!

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Paul.A.Mitzkowski's Webcomics
Blood & Smoke
Detective John Carson is good cop in a corrupt police force. He works together with his partner Tom Hardigan to both bring a serial killer known as The Heart Ripper to justice and to clean up a dirty city.

Meanwhile, Carson's son, John Carson Junior, uses his skills as a hacker and amateur detective to get into trouble.

Last update: 14th Jun 2017
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The Misadventures of Ahbah
Nei was a normal girl, working a normal job and living a normal life. Until a strange man named Ahbah breaks into her house, causing her to be drawn into the strange world of the Paranormal Understanding, Defense, Detaining, Interrogation, and Negotiation Group (P.U.D.D.I.N.G). She soon becomes a glorified baby-sitter to the most powerful being on the planet, which happens to be the same person that broke into her home...
Last update: 16th Feb 2018
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