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Registration date: 6th Aug 2013
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About me
Spatial aptitude? What's that?

Pavchka's comics
This isn't complicated or subtle and barely has an underlying deeper meaning; it's simply overly colourful humour, violence and a little drama. A neon Fusion comic with a touch of retro SciFi, written by someone with a minor 1980s complex. And that shows.
Last update: 16th Apr 2018
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Don't have Firekittens!
This webcomic is based on the comic Equilibrium. It shows the Equilibrists are human just like the rest of u- hm... well, they're not quite human, but you get it. The gags are silly and simple and don't strain the brain. ;)
Last update: 21st Aug 2014
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Aahmes - Child of the Moon
Aahmes - Child of the Moon is a Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic with Aahmes Bakura, also known as Moonlight, as its main character. It features an alternative life for Thief King Bakura - one in which he is not corrupted by hatred and Zork Necrophades, but fights for what's right instead.
This fanfic especially caters to the Bakura lovers out there. Bakura Ryou plays a very important, powerful role for a change.
No Yaoi.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! or any of its characters.

Last update: 10th May 2017
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Not uploading anything yet. I want the HTML and CSS done before I start uploading.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Pavvy's Driving Lessons
It's easy to forget that driving is actually hard. It took me nearly 17 months, three driving tests, thousands of Euros and a switch from manual to automatic to finally get my license. Luckily I got along well with my impish driving instructor, so I always had fun during the lessons even if I wasn't making good progress.

It also put me in an interesting situation; socially awkward me spent dozens of hours in a very small space with a man I didn't know very well. It's taught me a lot about myself and another people.

This is my driving adventure.

Last update: 13th Mar 2016
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