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Registration date: 26th Feb 2012
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Location: Maryland
About me
I am a freelance artist and a published novelist. You can find my stuff on

Pendragonvamp's comics
Between Earth and Sky
An unusual young dragon learns the meanings of family, pride, friendship, prejudice, honor and love, as he grows up in a secluded valley.

Due to the amount of time in the detailed shading, I have changed my update to be a bi-monthly schedule on the 1st and 15th. Right now, however, I am making my buffer.

There will be a holiday omake and I will be updating regularly again sometime next year.

Last update: 28th Jul 2013
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Shadow Assistant Chronicles
In a universe where races struggle between war and peace, one race sits comfortably on top. Thus one man is commissioned as the Supreme Empress' faithful assistant. Xavier does Her Majesty's bidding as Her Master Assassin. Killing is his life and no task is too overwhelming. Except those days when he is ordered to follow the whims of Her High Princes to keep his cover. When not out to insure the supremacy of his race how is a Master Assassin supposed to relieve boredom? Sometimes being an assassin requires being a master of disguise.

Updates every SUNDAY!!

Last update: 11th Nov 2012
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