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Decended from Courage
when the hero of time was young, he had fallen in love with the new ranch hand malon. he had a Son, who he named shiek, and a daughter named Lilion.
Well, Lilion got older and had my mother, then my mother had my older sister, my brother, me,Liddia, then my little twin brothers.
my older siblings got old enough to move out, and my brother moved while my sister stayed to support the family. she went to war, and got KIA. now its up to me to support the family, while still having to attend hihg school.

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Ghost Babysitter
Just a simple Camping trip to get away from his duties for awhile, Danny Fenton goes into the woods by a small town called Gravity Falls. When he meets 2 kids, his Camping trip turns into Babysitting!
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Sina is just an average boy, right? Nope. He is a master mind. He's a murderer. he killed the princess, yet he can convince the country that a demon he met while stealing food with his partner in crime and boyfriend, Cylen, is the dead princess. Follow this troublesome couple as they meet various characters and get in and out of trouble.
Last update: 7th Dec 2017
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language