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Phoenix In Crisis
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Registration date: 26th Sep 2019
Last seen: Today, 2:58 AM
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Location: Rising from my own ashes
About Me
I am Jack's Identity Crisis.
Or, at least, I'm JOHNNY's Identity Crisis.


Phoenix In Crisis's Webcomics
Evil Empire
In the throes of an intergalactic war, a small band of cadets from the "bad guys" side decide to take a break. 5 years later, they are the last of their kind.
Last update: 9th Jan 2019
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A showcase for various arts and such, by/for Johann-Octavius Gans. A mixture of boredom, fandom, coffee, thank you's and you're welcomes.
Please enjoy responsibly.

Last update: One week ago
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Wonderland Hates You
Camilla Gonzales, Rex Riley and Felix Long are a trio of average citizens just trying to get along in the normal workaday world.... NAH. Just kidding. This threesome of odd-speaking rockabilly beatnik throwbacks are the self-appointed protectors of those who have NO IDEA just how weird the world is. Whether or not they succeed in staving off the apocalypse, maintaining the balance between the weird and the wrong and protecting the supernatural FROM the evils of HUMANITY, remain to be seen. But, between all that nonsense, they find the time to enjoy each others' company, booze, and the good things in bohemian life.

M - W - F updates.

Last update: 25th Sep 2019
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Xailenrath Comics Presents
Various and sundry comics from Xailenrath that haven't been already posted in the way-to-many other comic project sites that Our Humble Cartoonist has across ComicFury.
Last update: 6 days ago
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Team Hades are the newest metahuman actioneers from out Chicago way! Teenage supers who are going to be the biggest news to break the Internet since the last biggest news to break the Internet. Join their adventure!
Chapter Two is being plotted as you read this!
Generally updated Monday, Wednesday and Friday, when possible!

Forum Thread:

Last update: 3 days ago
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