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Registration date: 17th Mar 2016
Last seen: Yesterday, 3:54 AM
Posts: 2137
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Location: March 17
About me
March 17

My Website: ProRevolution 128

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ProRevo128's comics
Just Another Day
There is literally no story here. Just people doing people things, with other people doing other people things. Updates Sundays
Last update: 31st Mar 2017
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Stan and Slan
Join the teenage stick figures Stan, Slan, and their friends as they do strange and amazing things, most in four short panels.

Updates Monday-Thursday

Last update: 18th Mar 2017
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This is a collection of things drawn by people.
Last update: 8 days ago
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Stan and Slan ART
This is where any art for Stan and Slan is posted. That means it doesn't update very often.
Last update: 9th Jun 2016
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Kyoloring Book
The loyal Comic Furians have gathered to present Kyo with a gift like none he's ever seen: The Kyoloring Book! An abundance of amazing art! Intriguing images! Pulchritudinous pages!

Happy birthday, Kyo!!!

(If you wish to add a page, PM flutesalute!)

Last update: 2nd Apr 2016
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ProRevo128's disciples
They say I'm a part of them, but it was my weirdness in the Board of Strudel that caused this abomination. Thank me.