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Hello ComicFury! I'm Purin.JPG! Nice to meet you! :D

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A Gunman's Story
Almost four years ago, Bomb Gunman was captured by Jasper "Gunpowder" Jones, an infamous outlaw who has known him as long as he can remember. Not wanting to stay with Gunpowder and his men any longer, he must escape from his captors...

A Gunman's Story takes place in a somewhat alternate universe where the World Bombers (from both Panic Bomber W and Super Bomberman 3) are still around. This comic also serves as a prequel to Panic Bomber W (and long before Super Bomberman 3 where the new World Bombers are introduced).

Last update: 29th Mar 2020
Violent Content
Kirby: The Super Hero of Dream Land
15-year-old Kris Ebrum was just a normal, pink haired teenager with a huge appetite, but his life will change forever when he discovers a virtual pet that turns him into a heroic Star Warrior named Kirby!

(Mostly) Gijinka AU with superheroes/villains, and magical virtual pets that transform their owners into heroes/villains.

Last update: 19th Nov 2020