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Registration date: 14th Oct 2011
Last seen: 29th Dec 2017, 8:16 PM
Posts: 87
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Ratings given: 4.98 / 1223
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Location: The Roughwoods of SC.
About me
RG2Cents is just an old grandpa who likes to draw pictures and write stories. Not only does he produce Just Scribbling, but also two other webcomics at another site. These as well as information on other works by RG2Cents can be seen at RG's 2 Cents Studios!

RG2Cents's comics
Just Scribbling
"Just Scribbling" started out as a test comic for RG2Cents to get the feel of html layout design here at ComicFury. However, it is turning into more of a charicature site. Stay tuned for future developements.
Last update: 21st Nov 2017
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