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A follower of Christ first, an old media artist second. Death isn't the end you know. And we don't fade to black. We dissolve to the next scene.

RG2Cents's Webcomics
Glymyre Tales Glymyre Tales
A fantasy story about dark powers at work, and the investigation thereof. But where is the source and how advanced is its influence? And what about the plot? Well, three gnomes, an elf and a priestess meet in a ghost town...
Last update: 8th Mar 2023
Allegorian Prince Allegorian Prince
So there he was; a thirteen year old elven prince, all set to defend his father's city against a monstrous army. Next thing he knows, he's snatched out of the Allegorical Plane, and dropped into the Skewalogical Dimension. How did this happen... and why?
Last update: One week ago
Just Scribbling Just Scribbling
"Just Scribbling" started out as a test comic for RG2Cents to get the feel of html layout design here at ComicFury. However, it is turning into more of a charicature site. Stay tuned for future developements.
Last update: 10th Mar 2023