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Registration date: 23rd Sep 2014
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Location: UK
About Me
19 year old guy from the UK, interested in creating cartoons of my own and currently working on Josh and Angus, which I have yet to start.

RJDG14's Webcomics
Coming very soon!

8 year old Mathias and his father are among the commuity of Longyearbyen in Svalbard. Mathias, disenfranchised by the remote world around him, would like to find a way out to the outside world...

I intend this as an experimental comic which I can run for a few months in order to develop a style to use in my more long term comic idea.

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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30 Days of Characters: 2018
ComicFury artists join together to challenge themselves! 30 characters in 30 days - one new character every day, for the entire month of April. Think you're up for the challenge? Join now!
Last update: 1st May 2018
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Life Around Starrannar
Welcome to Starrannar - a fictional town located on the edge of the Scottish Highlands. The cartoon focuses on the life of Sean Deadtree, an 11 (right now) year old boy who gets through the days and nights like, well, any other 11 year old boy. He has two main friends - Angus McDonald and Joshie Clouden, along with several other boys who are less close friends.
Last update: 10th Oct 2014
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Fighting Against Formality
Britain's schoolchildren have since 2010 been becoming increasingly restricted in how they can maintain their appearance from school. Bans on hair colour, styles, and makeup are being tightened for the girls, and trainers for the boys (even those with very big feet). Sean, who lives in Scotland, is working with Robert Gourley from Swindon (in England) via the net to sort out a proposal to show the education minister, then put an end to the Torification of school uniform.
Last update: 29th Mar 2016
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Meet Sean, Josh, Angus, that druggy ADHD lad, some pretty boys, a cancerous girl, the city youth representatives, and plenty of others in "Gourlish", as they take on, poke fun at, and attempt to tackle topical problems ongoing in the UK this very moment.

Most of the early strips are just quick drawings that make little sense, but new ones will become more realistic as time goes.

Last update: 15th Apr 2016
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Gourlish Extra
Behind the scenes of Gourlish. Set up to allow the primary strip to feel more organised.
Last update: 2nd Apr 2016
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The Real Life Adventures of Robert G.
Showcases the illustrator in cartoon form, reflecting his experiences so far.
Last update: 4th Apr 2016
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An old project of mine from 2012. Finally it's on ComicFury!
Last update: 26th Mar 2013
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