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Registration date: 26th Apr 2012
Last seen: 15th Jul 2017, 6:58 PM
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About me
IDK I just draw and see what happens guys ♥

RVB's comics
These are the random happenings of two RL best friends, a guy named Faust and a girl named Cleric.
Last update: 9th Jul 2017
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Camera Shy Alphabet
Jayms Beaufort was a former high fashion model, but things have changed. Now, she lives her life on the other side of the lens, capturing the beauty and intruigue of all who come through her door. Of course, these babes show their bodies off just for her in a sinful show... and Jayms takes the pictures. Who are these beauties? Part of Jayms's collection!
Last update: 11th Jul 2017
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