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I'm Racingwolf/Scy/Carly and I love telling stories, whether through art or writing.

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PMD: Bridge of Invention PMD: Bridge of Invention
Two pokémon, friends since childhood, have always wanted to form their own rescue team, and are ready to make that dream a reality. But strange things are happening on the hostile island of Atok, and their own island may not be peaceful for long. The life of the guilds' teams is about to get far more dangerous.
Last update: 3rd May 2020
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Crossroads Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Crossroads
A Collaborative Comic created by the artist community of Pokemon Crossroads.

Join us at PXR!:

Since this is a collaborative comic, updates are random at best so please be patient with us. While it's reasonable to want to know when the next update will be, the truth is that it is very dependent on the schedules of the authors who are taking away time from their other projects to work on this one. So thank you for reading and your patience is appreciated.

Last update: 21st Nov 2021