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About Me
Hey hey hey! If You're reading this, then you found my comics! Thanks for dropping in! What do I like to put out? Well, comics of course; action comics! Now I know my comics can come off light-hearted, funny, or kind of stupid, but that's because they are meant to lull you into a false sense of security and then rip your heart out! Queue my maniacal laughter. But really, thanks a lot for reading! I put a lot of passion into my worlds and it would be a pity not share them. It makes me happy when somebody enjoys my work. That's what I'm here for, your entertainment! I'm always looking to improve and bring a little laughter to life. And I hope you can grow just as attached my characters as I am. So go out! Be happy, be healthy, treat yourself right, and as always, Stay Rad!

RaddicalDucks's Webcomics
War Boy
In a future beyond what we know now, the past is shrouded in mystery and the world has reverted to more primitive times. There are six countries on a supercontinent known as Morthin; Abema, Polaris, Shacoba, Westerland, Easterland, and Eskiland. But from these countries, we follow the story of an abemic boy who unwittingly holds the key to his people in his maniacal little hands. Follow his story through trial and tribulation as he shapes his future and changes the lives of his friends and enemies along the way with his fiery spirit and unwillingness to die for nothing. This is love, this is devastation, this is hatred, this is life, this is War boy.
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