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Registration date: 2nd May 2016
Last seen: 11th Sep 2018, 11:55 PM
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RageTheDragoon's comics
The Battlers
- New Page every Saturday -

The Battlers are a group of adventurers out to find the greatest treasures as they venture over the land of Engardia and become as strong as possible along the way to meet any challenge they have to face.

Last update: 17th Mar 2018
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Gwendoline is a comic about Sheena White the bassplayer of Rockband B.G.M.
where will it lead us? I have no clue.
Gwendoline is also an experiment to see how I can manage under certain set rules while making the comic.

Comic Rules:
1. Only 4 Panels per-page
2. Aside from Black and White only "One" additional color may be used for a single character.
3. Only the additional color may have gradient variations. shades of gray do not apply.
4. Text baloons may only consist of 5 sided tiles.
5. A single intermission page after every 15 pages.
6. Finish the First Chapter at the 60 page mark.

Last update: 25th Aug 2017
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