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Registration date: 1st Oct 2016
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Location: Florida, USA
About me
I am a very creative person, mostly focused on drawing type art, but I enjoy everything from embroidery to jewelry making. I have a shoujo type style to my art, and I suck at drawing hands, with any luck I can only get better from here, right?
I own two felines, one is still more of a kitten, the other is nearly 5 years old and more of my mama's cat than mine. (The cat is far more fluffy though, but I still love my kitten.) The cat is Pazuzu, named after the gargoyle from Futurama, and my kitten is Rey, named after the main character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (I might be something of a nerd in that aspect. No thanks to my dad.) I hope you enjoy my story!

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During the ball Moon goes missing, so Gem and Ame go looking for her. When they finally find her something in the ground stirs...
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