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Rainbow Kittie
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About me
Many Hellows to you, and thanks for stopping by! :D

I am a simple artist really with a passion for what I do. :3 When I create something it genuinely makes me happy and distracts me from whatever crazy thing is happening in my life. I do alot of different kinds of art as well and enjoy trying new mediums when I can do so. ^^ I think this is my ideal job, and I hope to do something as far as a career goes with my skills. :) My biggest problem I believe is that as much as I love to create, I am a bit impatient and tend to get frustrated when I can't make something work quickly and efficiently. But I try to take my time and make sure I'm proud of everything I submit for public viewing. ^.^ Personally as far as my personality goes, I am sort of a jumble of things. XD I'm just a wee bit crazy, a little perverted, ALOT OF RANDOM, with a dash of friendliness and awesome. XD As long as you are a decent human being, we should get along. ^-^ I am a little bipolar, a bit of an insomniac, and struggle from time to time with depression so I apologize if you catch me in one of my moments or I stop posting for a period of time. ^^; I am pretty negative at times, and a little dark hearted, but if you show me kindness and respect, I will definitely return that to you without a doubt. If you go out of your way to make me upset, or hurt a friend, I am not too forgiving. So please don't be rude or inconsiderate, I wouldn't try to go out of my way and do it to you! I try to be fun and positive for my friends and enjoy a good laugh or conversation, so don't be afraid to talk to me or ask me questions about art or anything! Please enjoy what I have to give and have a nice day!

As I explained a little bit, I am pretty well varied, so I try to do a little bit of everything. ^-^ But as far as my art style is concerned, my style is highly inspired from anime, Disney, dream works, and a lot of other animated films I grew up with and incorporated into my daily work. :3 (Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Studio Ghibli, Wolves Rain, were BIG inspirations for me.) As well as being within a pretty artistic family. ^~^ I had a lot of practice when I was younger as I went on YouTube a whole bunch watching drawing tutorials and slideshows and drew what I saw until I was good enough to create my own art without having the need to look at something. :)

I am such a weeb. XD From a very young age I was attracted to the interesting and different Japanese animation and style as it was something I hadn't seen before and grew to be very passionate about. <3 That love soon developed into my art style and gave me an interest in Japanese culture and other art forms. I believe my first animes were Wolf's Rain, Sgt. Frog, and This Ugly Yet Beautiful World. XD And since then I've watched so much more! So if you ever want to fangirl or go nuts about anime, I'm your girl. xD

Alot of my friends make fun of me for the kind of gamer I am. xD I am not a fan of new plat forms and many games like that. I despise Grand Theft Auto, RDR, And yes... Halo. Come at me bro! XD Yes, I am fucking old. :P I enjoy more classic games such as DK Country, Kirby 64, and Okami. ^-^ I own a Super Nintendo, A PS2, A Sega, a Game Cube, a Nintendo 64, a Wii, an ORIGINAL X-Box, and a Nintendo DS. :T I know. Wow. So if you come to me about a newer game, the only way I'm gonna know about it is if I watched a Let's Play on YouTube. xD Which is not unlikely! Because I am a fan of some newer games due to the exposure from what I've seen despite the inability to play them, I admire them for what they are. ^-^ I am no fan of the horror industry and enjoy a good Adventure game or plat form game. :3

Furry, Brony, (Alot of Anime as well. xD), Steven Universe, and Undertale.

AHHH FUCK NO. :U Sorry, I am no athlete. xD I like being active but I do not play sports such as Basketball, football, soccer, ect. The only sports team I enjoy being apart of is Swimming. And that's because I adore being in the water~ <3 I love to swim! I'll swim in just about anything from pools to lakes, rivers, creeks, and oceans. xD I also enjoy hiking and caving when I can! .0.

I'd say my favorite genre of music would be Punk Rock, but I enjoy many others as well. ^-^ Such as Rock, Hard rock, Ska, Metal, Instrumental, K-pop, Grunge, Indie, Acoustic, alternative, and a little post hardcore. My favorite bands are Weezer, Buckcherry, Nekrogoblikon, and Girls in Hawaii.
>>Current Favorite Song: "We Need A Gimmick" by Nekrogoblikon<<

~Some Little Facts About Me~

~I am a lover of Villans >=D
~I would CHUG 50 cups of iced chai teas if I could. :3 (Love them!)
~My overall look and style is a mix of Punk and Emo, however what I wear fluctuates with how I'm feeling.Though I tend to wear alot of band t-shirts and necklaces. ^-^
~I have a fear of public restrooms... O-O (Yeah, they are just gross.)
~I love kitties! =^.^= As well as horses, wolves, and dragons. x3
~I am completely, utterly, and awesomely, random. :P
~I like making up my own words to fit how I feel, as you can probably already tell. xD
~My favorite word is SWELL! <3 (Go on, say it. B3 See now doesn't that bring a smile to your face? =D It did to mine. xD)
~I hate most human beings until I get to know them for myself.
~Overly positive people annoy me... Especially when they shove it down my throat. .~.
~I'm a little bit of a perv, but don't show it unless your a personal friend of mine. xD
~I love to game!
~I know all the words to "She Wolf" by Shakira...
~I'm Bisexual, and love my girlfriend to fucking death. x3
~I am a bit of an atheist, and Christians have a bad rep in my head because most harass me for my sexuality, but I am aware that not all are bad and have a few accepting Christian friends. ^-^ I don't really believe in a god, but I do not deny an existence of one from time to time.

Other Media Accounts: >Twitter… >YouTube >My Deviantart

Rainbow Kittie's comics
The Longing
Riku is a young wolf pup who has yet to discover his own story. Riku's mother was supposedly going to return to her pack with her pup the following day after Riku's birth, but unfortunately, that was not going to happen. Riku lost his mother due to a tragic accident separating the two... When he is taken in by happy go lucky street dogs with some experience in living the life of a stray. But as Riku grows up in the city, he finds more challenges that await him as he desperately tries to reunite with his long lost mother. What dangers will await the hero? And will Riku ever find his mother? Find out in... THE LONGING.
Last update: 30th Mar 2018
[Comic profile]
In a world much more different then ours... There is the 4 cities. Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Western. And what makes this world so much more different than ours you might ask? Because this world... Has Hybrids. Hybrids in this world are people that have the ability to shift into an animal form. However, the human race looked at the hybrids as a threat and the military wiped most of them off the earth.... All but two cat Hybrids; Hayden Otagami, and Jade Henson. Follow the two Hybrids on their quest to escape the military and save their kind. An adventure filled to the brim with comedy, kickass action, adorably loveable characters, and romance! Will Hayden and Jade be the first to survive, or will the Hybrids meet their end for good?
Last update: 13th Jun 2018
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