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Raisin Comics
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Registration date: 7th Nov 2013
Last seen: 15th Nov 2015, 8:10 AM
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About me
I'm just a guy that makes a comic about talking chickens.

Facts about me:
My favorite color is orange.
My favorite animal is chickens (dass why I make a comic about them).
I have chickens in real life.
I'm 15.
I'm transgender. *uptight moms shrivel into raisins upon hearing this*
My pronouns are he/him/his (If yer gonna gender yer pronouns anyweys, 'kez I think all pronouns shed just be used fer erryone, no more 'a this "gendered pronoun" shet.)
I like cartoon style, expeseeally if you make sup'm serious look cartoony.
Ah lahk sayin tengs wee-erdly, ef yeh ha'int notest. (What accent do you imagine my weird writing in? I keep switching which one I imagine.)
My favorite shows (at the moment) are Steven Universe, Clarence, and Bob's Burgers.
I don't know what my favorite movie/celebrity/other bullshit famous thing is because I don't know about poop culture. I seriously don't know shit about that stuff.

Raisin Comics's comics
United States of Ameraucana
Huck, Mack, Kip, and Blue are four chicken kids who live on Rock Island, an island in a lake on a world full of chicken-people. They have fun kid adventures and do all kindza funny shet 'n sometimes serious stuff.
Last update: 19th Aug 2015
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Yuck Heads
Old comic I'm not making anymore.
Last update: 15th Mar 2014
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