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Registration date: 4th Feb 2010
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About me
I am a college student and a fan of cartoons, anime, manga, card games, and video games.
I plan to work as an animator and create cartoons for future children.
My favorite shows are: Animaniacs; Avatar, The Last Airbender; Chip and Dale, Rescue Rangers; Phineas and Ferb; and Samurai Jack.

Rapter's comics
Pokémon: Shadow versus Dark
Crimson is a young trainer of One Island, and one day he is chosen to help Prof. Oak observe the migration of new Pokémon in Kanto.
But, a shortcut through the Diglett Cave uncovers a group called the Four Jesters, who plan to expand the tunnels.
Assisting Crimson are Indigo, Wood, Daisuke of the International Police, and the master of Dark Pokémon, Shades.
But, can they take down the Four Jesters and their Shadow Program.

Last update: 25th Nov 2011
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You Guest It
yah, it's just to keep track of the guest comics i make, or is it? i am not sure myself...
updates once in a blue moon

may update as often as once a week, to as seldom as when ever an author feels like it.

if you want to make a guest comic, want a comic made for you, or want to be a guest, email Steve/Kenth at if you want to know specifics about the choices, still email Steve/Kenth, cause after all, this is a guest web comic. just don't spam Steve/Kenth, he won't like it.

Number of confirmed residents of the Here Building; 5

This comic is for the most part in an indefinent hiatus.

Last update: 25th Mar 2011
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