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Hello! I wanted to do a more in-depth bio so here I am! My username is RealXove, but you can call me Xove or Sarah, as I’ve put my real name on my webcomic! I’m located in the USA and I’m a recent college grad with a BA in Interactive Media.

Speaking of my webcomic, BLANKET has become more to me than a simple story. BLANKET is only one part of an entire sci-fi universe I’ve spent 5+ years building. It’s my most ambitious storytelling project, but it’s my most near-and-dear one as well.

I hope you enjoy the story, if you choose to read! It’s a part of me just as much as I believe your stories are a part of yourselves. Happy storytelling!

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In a pocket dimension called the Silquette, innumerable tiny planets circle a massive star and battle each other to maintain independence. One particular Hub, BLANKET, is no exception. The aliens living there are just as fierce and battle-hardened as the next.
... But when a newborn named Cantes prefers a diplomatic approach, how will it impact his relations with his naturally violent species, the Arigni?

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Graphic Violence / Gore