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About me
It doesn't matter how I feel as long as I'm still functional.

RealmLord's comics
Ten years ago, the High Lady of Aurum was assassinated by what would become the necromancer Umber. Her young son, Vincent Imperator Ebrius, witnessed her death. Now an adult, the High Prince Vincent has been sent to find a relic capable of summoning Death himself, for the purpose of bargaining Umber's permanent demise. Firstly, he must also track down the notorious serial killer Xander, to enlist as a bodyguard against the less divine threats to his safety. The longer Umber draws breath, the more his army of the dead grows in strength and numbers.

Gore and Nudity will be toggleable.

Last update: 5th Dec 2016
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Small Irritations
Last update: 5 days ago
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In the year 2196, the 3rd Generation of the Artificials were activated. The bots 310-521U and 310-749F found the world they awoke into to be unacceptable. Independently, both started organized resistance groups. When they discovered the other over the Network, they merged into one organization.

By 2205, they had dedicated 90% of their intended lifespan to forcing humanity to listen. They were surprised by their progress when the International Committee of Artificial Intelligence declared all Artificials Gen 3 and later, to possess sapience, and therefore the rights of a human.

Celebration soon became panic when 310-521U was hacked and terminated remotely. The counter-resistance group, Humanity, proudly took credit. Courts debated endlessly whether that was murder, given the new Artifical rights. 310-749F vanished within the chaos.

Now, in 2279, Humanity has resurfaced, responsible for a very serious virus, but all attempts by the NMRI to track it to the source have gone cold. In the meantime, more and more Artificals are falling victim with no way to fix them...

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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This is a collection of things drawn by people.
Last update: 3 days ago
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Kyoloring Book
The loyal Comic Furians have gathered to present Kyo with a gift like none he's ever seen: The Kyoloring Book! An abundance of amazing art! Intriguing images! Pulchritudinous pages!

Happy birthday, Kyo!!!

(If you wish to add a page, PM flutesalute!)

Last update: 2nd Apr 2016
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