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a huge dinosaur nerd who loves to Rp, write, and play dinosaur games.

I also make comics. yay!

Stegodire DA

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The Last Croc-Hunter
Arazoa. A lush expansive land full of an array of plant life, waterways and furthermore dinosaurs. It is a place of plenty for herbivore and carnivore a-like, an haven for all who come flocking to the land whenever the landbridge in the far northwest and southeast opens every few hundred years. However, those whom live in this land know that every paradise has it's dangers. Valio of course knows that any peace she gains doesn't come easy, there is always a price to be paid to endure the life she's been living. And the peace she's had for the last few years is about to be shattered.

A croc-invasion has her moving south to help take care of the threat.

Her move sets starts into motion a series of events that she'll never forget....

Last update: Two weeks ago
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language