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Registration date: 27th Aug 2010
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RedAuthar's comics
Masquerade of The Red Death
Masquerade of The Red Death is the story about vengeance, justice, adventure, guns, conspiracy, loyalty and much more.

Join Jack Highcollar on his quest to bring the an evil corporation down and get revenge for all the lives that have been ruined by its owner. The only problem is, said corporation is heroic in the eyes of the public, so guess who everyone thinks is the bad guy?

Masquerade of The Red Death is sort of Wolverine meets Trigun meets Jak 2 meets Force Unleashed.

Warning: The Ideal Rating for this Comic would be T for Teen.

Last update: 20th Aug 2013
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Mobian 300X
Over 300 hundred years after his defeat at the hands of Sonic the Hedgehog, Doctor Robotnik returns, corrupting and destroying all in his wake. Now it is up to a new team of heroes to face down the new Eggman Empire before all hope is lost for Mobius.

M300X is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan comic taking place 300 years his adventures. Many of the characters were taken from my older comic Ultimate FAR as well as a few Sonic Characters. Think of it as a new generation of Sonic Heroes.

Last update: 10th Aug 2015
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My Ninja Way
My Ninja Way is a fantasy comic starring Ninjas, with Soldiers/Knights, Samurai, Pirates, and Assassins making appearances.

We follow our main character Iraku Sipekiari, as he meets new friends and enemies while traveling through the fantasy world of Jenyal.

Last update: 4th Nov 2014
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Ultimate FAR
WARNING: At this time UFAR is on a pretty much permanent Hiatus do to some working issues. However many of the cast and crew are now working on another comic called Mobian300X. You should check that out. It's pretty good.

Ultimate FAR is a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Comic, based on and Forum RPG.

In the lands of mobius, deep in the Great forest, trouble was setting. The freedom fighters, led by the valiant sonic the hedgehog(and sally), had been trying to overthrow the evil dr. Julian robotnik for many months now. This soon caused the small faction to start running out of ideas. But, as hedgehogs do, sonic bounced back and put the fighters in action again!
While the struggle for freedom raged on, in a much quieter place deep in the forest, an echidna wakes up from a bad dream. This echidna could only remember his name: ralyt. Though he could not remember his past, his future choices would bind his fate from there.

Last update: 28th Jun 2013
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