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Registration date: 16th Mar 2012
Last seen: Yesterday, 6:57 PM
Posts: 182
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Location: Nederland
About Me
Translator, veteran webcomics artist.

ReinderDijkhuis's Webcomics
Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan
Peasants, witches, bandits and elves in the 11th century. The adventures of Tamlin and crew as they journey from living in the woods as outlaws and derelicts to being respectable farmers... and back!
Last update: 9th Mar 2019
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Abúi's travels
The faerie Abúi was raised in a remote faerie village in the Wodeskog, but moved to the city as a young adult. Then she discovered multi-dimensional travel. She never looked back!
Last update: 3rd Jan 2019
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White House in Orbit
From their headquarters in the Orbital White House, Seriously Secret Agents X8.5 and Jane defend the Commander In Chief from Dastardly Krauts, Nefarious Japanese, Loathsome gangsters and other evildoers with or without giant mustaches.
Last update: 16th Jul 2017
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Spun Off
In a distant village in the woods, we can still encounter the Faerie in its wild form. Protected by their local gods, they live in small, hidden villages, just as they did thousands of years ago.
Last update: 17th Jan 2019
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Chronicles of the Witch Queen
The adventures of Queen Elspeth, the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel and Alcydia von Donnerwetter, who wants to be Witch Queen instead of the Witch Queen.
Last update: 15th Mar 2019
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Greyfriar's Isle
A man's dream to build a campsite on the island his grandfather owned. Eccentric island customs. 15 miles of nude beaches. What could go wrong
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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The Lives of X!Gloop
The oldest of my webcomics that I still allow to see the light of day, The Lives of X!Gloop was made in 1989-1992. Inspired by Moebius, it chronicles the life, death and lives of a man and his friends, condemned to return to the world a thousand times. The comic was resurrected in late 2015 with new color pages added infrequently.
Last update: 14th Aug 2018
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Pin Drop
<i>Pin Drop</i> was originally the title of a minicomic I published in 1998 containing 5 wordless stories. It's quite a nice collection - the five stories hang together surprisingly well despite covering a wide range of genres and settings. Some were autobiographical, others were pure fantasy. One was written by Geir Strøm; the other four were all my creation.

I've thought about putting out a sequel or an expanded edition. There isn't enough suitable material for a sequel, and an expanded edition would arguably be like a CD reissue with bonus tracks stuck in at random points, interfering with the flow. I have decided, though, to make the web version the Expanded Edition, because the added stories have to be sorted <i>somewhere</i>.

Last update: 22nd May 2013
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Halloween Cameo Caper 2014
This is the Webcomic Hub for the multi-webcomic event known as The Halloween Cameo Caper 2014.
The strips will be posted here as they appear on the main sites by the various authors participating in the event, however, here a sense of continuity will hopefully appear as the strips are being rearranged along the way.

Last update: 2nd May 2017
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Reinder's 24-hour comic for 2012
It's a comic, it's by Reinder Dijkhuis, and it's made on October 20, 2012.
Last update: 23rd Oct 2012
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