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Registration date: 2nd Jul 2014
Last seen: 4th Jun 2019, 6:35 AM
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Location: a dark, grey corner
About Me
[persona redacted]

(Contact your local store manager personally if you wish to speak with me.)

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This is a collection of things drawn by people.
Last update: 17th Jun 2019
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RemoveraPersona's Disciples
The first to have seen the sugary light, Monday is a devout member of Remnism.
She is said to have eaten the fated Caramel Apple, and turned her life around.
Although she may stray from her path every now and then, she is nonetheless an important figure.

( Oh, you silly mongoose! You'll always be welcome, as my disciple and as my friend! ^w^ )

Isa, Rem's favorite debate partner~ <3
^w^ She's super cool and funny!

(and more sneaky than she lets on owo)

He is the majestic cowman from plains long forgotton, grazing on the grasses of forbidden knowledge and trodding slowly but surely. He came to me for advice and association, vowing to worship me, and I granted him his discipleship and my protection without ease. I could tell there was something special, something aincient and grand sleeping dormant inside of this bovine creature. Perhaps he was a great dancer, a reasoned thinker, and potentially a space cow- but just maybe, he was all that and more. To him I will graciously extend my hand and offer gifts of fire and tasty food.

The cow is not to be killed. Today he is a sacred cowman, unlike any other, and one of my most respected followers.
Thank you, Keljan, for your devout loyalty & your strong, free roaming spirit! :D