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Registration date: 20th Feb 2015
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About Me
Hi Mike Lenago's (Reolvia) The name nice to meet you all

Im a quiet and shy person,but very friendly and always happy to meet new people.
I love to laugh and make others laugh as well,the comics i make (though still needing a long way of improvement) comes from my wish to improve myself and make the viewers laugh

the characters the will make aparence in the comics for now will be:

Fado:A kind and energetic young man who is always happy to help though often clumsy might cause more problems than he solves.

Harold: A cunning but frendly dog and Fados best pal,he loves making mischief and going agains Queen Niquita often playing pranks on her, though he might suffer from her wrath at the end of it.

Queen Niquita Volor: The grand ruler of Pallete Kingdom.A vain and childish queen, most of times bossing Fado and Harold to do the most ridiculous her .The queens biggest wish is to find the man of her dreams but always fails.Though selfish and bad temperd at time,she does have a kind heart deep inside.

Hope you all injoy the comics i make and the characters that reside there
Ill work hard to improve

Reolvia's Webcomics
Palette Tales
Palette Tales is a full Comic Based on my Palette Kingdom comic strip

Join Fado,Haroldo and all the other members of the Kingdom of Palette in this Comedy style comic,where crazy dreams can come true.

Last update: 12th Oct 2016
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Palette Kingdom
Join this Kingdom of laughs and disasters.

Last update: 19th Jul 2015
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