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Registration date: 29th Feb 2016
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ReroOnyx's comics
War of the Heavens: Trebblestress Edition
Rachaela Trebblestress, the mischievous "Mistress of Voids" is not your everyday typical girl. She's one of the many winged humans who lives in the 31st century of 3020. And she's been given a job by the most powerful Demon in the world, to end a terrorist group who threatens the winged humans entire existence.

Journey along and meet the many challenges she'll have to overcome. Manga: Read Right to Left

For those who want to read the original Light Novel Version go here.

This is currently an updated version. If you would like to read ahead, check out "Trebblestress Edition" on Webtoons but be warned that the style is not updated at the time of this writing.

Last update: 8th Jan 2018
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War of the Heavens: Light Novel
Restarting this bad boy!

Ryuuji Yukimura is your everyday typical high school student who just happens to be living in the year 3020. In the future, humanity shares its place with two groups of winged humans, the Angels and Demons. Even in this strange future, life goes on normally, until the young man finds himself face to face with certain death and finds himself joining the winged humans on a bizarre adventure.


This is a Light Novel-esque series, meaning that it is heavy on writing. You can also check out the side story manga

"War of the Heavens: Trebblestress Edition"


It may be different than usual but I hope that some of you will enjoy the series and if possible enjoy Trebblestress Edition too.

Last update: 1st Dec 2017
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