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Rexford Avenue
Rexford Avenue is my personal experimentation with comics being just for fun. This is the place where I can play between illustration jobs. No pretension, no politics, just goofy, silly fun.
Last update: 28th Apr 2011
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William Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus" could have been one of his greatest plays - had the ambitious young playwright spent more time on the human element than the bloodshed (sorry literary buffs!).It involves the capture and enslavement of a Tamora, a high-ranking female warrior of a Visigoth tribe by a sadistic Roman warrior, the murder of her children, her eventual revenge and sad decay into madness.

While she should be the star, the story does not follow her. Instead, if follows an African Muslim Moor and Tamora's beloved, Aaron, who attempts to escape Rome along with their child.

What happened to Aaron and his unnamed infant son? Did they escape? Where did they go? Why was Aaron, a black Muslim from Northern Africa, in a Germanic tribe to begin with? How would his son react when he learns the sad fate of his mother and siblings at the hands of the Roman Empire?

Maybe, just maybe, if the boy were to take an interest in history, he would travel back to Rome and document his family tragedy. If he were smart, he would not.

Quaheem is sixteen. He loves history, but is not very smart.

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