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Registration date: 15th Sep 2014
Last seen: 29th Oct 2016, 3:31 AM
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Location: The Mountains
About Me
I'm a fun loving nut of a guy!

Roberrt's Webcomics
The Adventures of Doh-Do
The adventures of a Khajit with a solid intellect, but with mental troubles resulting in the inability to do reasoning beyond the most simple, or to learn from patterns. Doh-Do appears stupid, but is not, nor is he insane.
Still, given these issues, you know he's going to be involved in some wacky hijinks!
The comic is intended to be story light, with a more "gag-a-day" focus... but a few story lines will inevitably pop up!

Updates will currently be aimed at weekly on Fridays!

Last update: 16th May 2016
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