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Registration date: 17th Nov 2015
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Location: United States
About me
SO UH. I'm a graphic design student because all I know about art is that if you draw lines in shapes long enough, they turn into something coherent.

Regardless, I still love drawing and despite my horrible crippling social anxiety, I love meeting new people and making friends and forcing our ocs to interact. So, I will continue to make comics and bug people! MOE OUT.

RockCandyAsylum's comics
Nothing Important Happened Today
A sixteen year old high school student finds an old jewel in his attic, which turns out to be a mystical object that gives him ghost-like powers. While coming to terms with what has happened, and learning to cope, his sister and friends get roped into similar situations, and they are granted their own set of unique abilities.

They soon find out that they're involved in something much deeper than just old magic junk, in the attic. Just what it is, though, they have yet to discover. The comic will follow their journey to unravel the mysteries that were set into motion long before they were born; while the tone is ultimately light and comedic, there will also be moments of drama, peril, and even a little bit of romance.

Horror - Fantasy - Comedy

Updates Fridays unless I'm dumb and get distracted

Last update: 27th Jan 2018
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The Skag Den
We like to play Borderlands. Sometimes we even play the game, properly! Mostly though we just interrupt cutscenes, cause glitches and yell at each other.
Last update: 28th Jan 2018
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