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I'm an amateur writer/artist, who mostly likes to work on my own fan projects to learn and improve. Distorted Reality the fanfiction turned out to be the unexpected inspiration to start me on my first substantial webcomic, and the mental challenge of the project has been helpful and rewarding since I started back in 2016.

I also enjoy reading manga, and listening to various audiobooks while I work on art.

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Avatar: Distorted Reality
After the nations fell to the Fire Nation, Aang is sent to another world, in which he must relive the events of his life again. Only this time he must fight alongside Zuko and Azula against the warlike Water Tribes.

[Scattered scenes adapted from Ogro's Avatar fanfiction, Distorted Reality.]

Russian translation by logander24
Polish Translation by FatalNadzieja
Spanish Translation by IsabellySly

Last update: 9th Aug 2021