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I'm Alejandra, but some people call me Rocket Llama! And this is where I house my stories. I post journal comics about my life to hone my drawing skills, and some other stuff besides.

Right now I'm working on Coyotegirl: A comic about a chill, badass animal woman in a post-apocalyptic world, who can see beauty through the dystopia and who's only goal is to play D&D with her human friends. Check it out!

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You gotta learn how to live on an ever-shorter tether
But if you're good - even for once - it's written: You'll be good forever


Rocket Llama's Webcomics
Coyotegirl Coyotegirl
Some decades after the collapse of modern society, the population is still in decline: The world is rife with natural disasters, famine, extreme and unpredictable weather patterns, and... killer robots? But for one lone coyotegirl and her human friends, there's no better way to pass the apocalypse... than by playing a good ol' fashioned game of D&D.
Last update: 24th Feb 2023
Llama Tracks Llama Tracks
A collection of vulnerable diary comics; mostly an expression of self-reflection during times of difficulty or deep thought.

Much of the archive covers the beginning and end of a difficult relationship. Story themes include social struggles/isolation, loving and leaving a person with addiction problems, the difficulty of facing one's inner demons, practicing self-comfort, and learning to cope with the outcome of our choices.

Currently working on an in-progress story about attending CDL-A trucking school. Honk honk!

Last update: 31st Dec 2022
Frequent Frontal Nudity Frequent Strong Language
Raleigh's Hinterland // the sketch pages Raleigh's Hinterland // the sketch pages
This is a WIP sketch comic! Artistically these pages are incomplete; rather my goal is to bring a story to completion quickly while leaving room for the art to change and grow along the way.

This comic tells the story of Raleigh Campbell, a young woman who has retreated to a surreal and mystical realm within her own subconscious during the final throes of death. Due to the nature of her injuries, she can't remember the circumstances that lead to her demise. But the answers just might be found within the Hinterland's surreal landscape.

Last update: 26th Oct 2021
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Frequent Strong Language
Rock On, Rocket Llama Rock On, Rocket Llama

Imagine this: You're walking in the mountains. The air is thin, you're out of shape, and you can barely carry the weight on your back. You're more tired than you've ever been in your life.

Then you come across a trail - just a narrow ribbon of dirt that winds through the meadows as far as the eye can see. And somebody points to it and says, "You see this? This trail stretches all the way from Mexico to Canada. If you hiked on it for twenty miles a day, for six months straight, you could walk across the entire country in a single season. Would you like that?"

What would you say?

This is a story about adventure - courage - struggle. And all the mundane moments that happen in-between.

The Pacific Crest Trail is 2,650 miles long.

Last update: 27th Oct 2016
Frequent Strong Language
Werewolf Gallery Werewolf Gallery
I'll turn your character into a werewolf. I'll do it.

But why would you wish that on them... you monster?

Last update: 24th Sep 2022
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Frontal Nudity