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Registration date: 6th Aug 2010
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Location: Spain
About me
Hey there, I am a young artist from the UK, who now lives in Spain. I joined Comic Fury to post my first comic, "Peacemaker". I also have a deviantART, which is "". You can find most of my artwork there. Thanks for looking!

Rocketfox's comics
The peaceful world of Taerra, a place where all creatures co-existed, soon became shrouded in shadow, as unknown monsters started to attack the planet and the life that it held.

These vile creatures resembled demons, filled with hatred and despair. Their only means were to kill and torture the innocents of Taerra. As the massacre went on, the four clan leaders decided it was best to retreat, and save as many of Taerra's inhabitants as they could.

The survivors stowed away underground and high in the mountains, but feared the demons would soon reach them. But as their hopes lowered, help; in the form of a shining bird came to their calls.
The light that came from its feathers tore apart the beasts of Hell, and left Taerra in peace once again.

Even though the massacre had stopped, the four clan leaders began to argue. They blamed each other for the corruption of the world and the sadness of their followers. As they continued to argue, they also began to fight. Soon, all four clans were at war with each other, and the massacre started all over again; but with the innocent fighting the innocent.

The Bird of the Light rose again, again to end the war. But this time all of the inhabitants of Taerra were killed with the Lightbringer's song.

Only eight; two of the Air clan, two of the Earth clan, two of the Fire clan and two of the Water clan, were left to survive.

With the planet dying, and no one to help them, the eight survivors must do what they can to protect Taerra from incoming demons, and find the four Shards of Light to bring the planet back together, and hopefully the innocent, too, that the Great Bird put to sleep.

Last update: 7th Aug 2010
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