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Registration date: 25th Nov 2016
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About me
Hello! My name's Remi. I'm a high school student and an aspiring comic book artist. (They/Them)


Favorite movies: Spirited Away, When the Wind Blows, Zombie Land, Zootopia, Tucker and Dale VS Evil
Favorite TV shows: Walking Dead, God the Devil and Bob, Rick and Morty
Favorite video games: Sam & Max, Rule of Rose, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Grandia II

RoseGardenGate's comics
Nighmire was a strange village, secluded in the woods away from the rest of the world. No one ventured in, and no one ever explored out. It was quaint and peaceful.
But now it is nothing but empty, rotten, and filthy. The children run aimlessly, misled and impure, the adults shift their gaze away from the doom that looms over them all. A dark magic has spread through Nighmire, one that threatens to trap each child in their twisted kingdom for all eternity.
Can a small group of misfits within the children's world save each other from the darkness, or will the impurity consume them?

Last update: 2 days ago
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