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Registration date: 21st Jan 2014
Last seen: 14th Feb 2018, 10:22 PM
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Location: USA
About me
Writer, illustrator, publisher and full time nerd. I write about blood, sex and political cannibalism. When not at work (when is that?) I like to sing and play the drums, quad skate, chase my Great Danes around, watch foreign films and cook Greek food.

RoseGraves's comics
Blood Legacies: Eternity
Having just received her advanced EMT certificate Hotaru went out to a burn party to celebrate but things didn't go as planned. Now she finds herself on a mission to hunt and destroy another creature of the night. "Destruction" is chapter three in the story of Hotaru, an ex-firefighter and highly flammable pyro vampire.

*Eternity is rated R. R is for Rad. (R is also for Redrum...) Be advised. Its all fun and games until you become the midnight snack. This comic features themes of blood drinking & violence and it is not intended for immature readers.

**This comic also features boobies. *Gasp* The scandal! NSFW

Last update: 17th Nov 2017
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