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I'm Rose Graves--an openly asexual artist, historian, musician, gawdawful polyglot, and garden wizard. I started out with comic creation as the writer for the Eternity: Hotaru webcomic series in 2014. I took over the inking and coloring in March 2020 and am now doing all aspects of the webcomic solo. Currently developing 2 more comic titles and a table top RPG.

Come find me on Discord @ Spoonicus #4008
You can also see what expanded universe shenanigans I'm up to via Patreon.
And pop by the Eternity: Hotaru page or Rose Graves page on facebook.

RoseGraves's Webcomics
Eternity: Hotaru
A webcomic about vampires set in San Diego, CA circa 2003. Hotaru is a Japanese-American firefighter who ends up smack in the middle of a conflict boiling between the immortal residents of San Diego and Tijuana. This little firefighting, poi spinning, tattooed badass has her own ideas about right and wrong. All kids do, right? This one is different... 

*Eternity is rated R. R is for Rad. R is also for Redrum... This webcomic features blood drinking and violence (dismemberment, death, partial nudity, guns, and strong language).

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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language