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Storytelling account for Roz! You will find my (ongoing?) webcomics here. If you're looking for my social account, LOOK HERE!!

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Pokemon: Shine Of Victory Pokemon: Shine Of Victory
On an isolated cliff in the Vassrim region; two unlikely friends, as alike in personality as color(that is to say, not much), unknowingly in hiding for their... unique rank.
Over the sea in a Kingdom built of betrayal and murder; A ruler holding onto his sanity for the only thing he has left- his young, disabled son.
The son in question trying to find his place, and to live up to expectation- but uncovering secrets that may just destroy everything in the process.
And to top it all off, a pretty straightforward prophecy that almost no one knows about, except the Immortal god who gave it and their jailer.
In a clash of ideals(and personal vendettas) the two friends Rain and Cloud will be set off by their guardian Carracosta in the adventure of Rain's dreams, and Cloud's nightmares...

Updates inconsistently Tuesdays/Saturdays!

Extras: 100 subs - Twine
200 subs - Execute pt.1
250 subs - Execute pt.2
350 subs - Diseased

Last update: 15th Oct 2022
Violent Content
Shine Of Victory Extras Shine Of Victory Extras
Random doodles + additional art I don't want to crowd my comic with. Enjoy!!
Last update: 31st Oct 2022