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Registration date: 1st Feb 2014
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About Me
I'm a big fan of comics, art, and music, and am self taught in many forms of art and musical instruments. I've recently decided to attempt drawing in a "comic" style, which I am currently developing and trying to find my own style.

RubberGardener's Webcomics
Dystopica is a collection of several short stories in comic (or graphic novel) style. Each story is generally 2-8 pages and, although they are not connected, they share a common theme of being placed in a dystopian setting (see what I did there?).

Each story is unique in that the readers are dropped in the middle of the narrative with no introduction to the characters or backstory. It is up to the readers' own interpretations and imagination to fill in the gaps as they follow inhabitants of these post-apocolyptic worlds and decide for themselves what is really going on in the stories.

Analysis and discussion is greatly encouraged in the comments. Let me know what YOU think is going on, what happened to the world, who these characters are, etc.

Inspiration for these stories comes from many different areas, including works by Edgar Allen Poe, Ray Bradbury, Rod Sterling, and several other mediums, such as video games and music.

Last update: 19th Jul 2014
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