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About Me
Howdy hey nerds!

I'm Robin, but I usually go by Ruby online. I'm an 18-year-old aspiring comic artist and cartoon penguin enthusiast that loves anything and everything fandom and fiction!

My favorite fandoms are currently Pokemon, Homestuck and Club Penguin.

I hope you enjoy what I want to create!

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Agent A
(This was originally on SmackJeeves as a secondary site to the main Tumblr, but SmackJeeves went kinda bad so now I'm bringing it here!)

Anna Steele, now graduating, solves the mystery of her missing teacher and think that's just the end of that. Little does she know that she has gained the interest of the PSA. Not to mention its hidden branch, the EPF. Anna, reluctantly yet excitedly, accepts the offer to become one of the EPF's finest agents.

Agent A is an OC-based story and a re-telling of various different PSA and EPF missions throughout Club Penguin history (starting with the EPF DS game) along with plenty of original stories. There is a fun cast of original characters, but it also includes the lovable cast of mascots and even characters from the underrated Club Penguin TV specials! The story is, however, a bit canon divergent in terms of time and events.

This comic contains crude language and some crude humor and discusses heavy/sensitive topics including mental illness (schizophrenia) and (parental) death. In a Club Penguin comic. Both are subjects that very much need to be treated with respect, and I am very much making sure I and the comic do so.

Check out Agent A on Tumblr (@agent-a-cpfancomic) as well! There's more content there if you're interested!

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