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Registration date: 10th Oct 2012
Last seen: Yesterday, 12:05 PM
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Location: Prague, Czech Republic
SVeidt's Webcomics
The Messiah's Name is Leelu
Join John K. Vernon as he spends a day in hilarious and meaningful observation before joining his pal Jeeves in a night of drunken philosophical discussion.

Oh, they also meet Jesus. Maybe.

Last update: 30th Mar 2013
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Ugly Book Covers
Only the ugliest of covers for your comics!!
Last update: 22nd Feb 2018
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Serious Engineering
Thirty-odd years after the American-Venezuelan war, teenager Corelle Lowell has found herself in an apparently unrelated nasty spot - spots on her hands, that is. Unable to find help from her friends and relatives, she learns about a medical team who promises free service to everyone who signs up with their little family of sorts.
Things go from strange to downright bizarre for Corelle the further she digs into the inner workings of the company, which proves to be just a tiny part of something far larger than she ever imagined.
After several trials, challenges, grey morals, losses and triumphs, she comes to learn that maybe, just maybe, being the bad guy isn't so bad after all.

Last update: 9 days ago
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Bunny Meat
Bunny Meat is a tie-in to the graphic novel series Serious Engineering. It is heavily inspired by Nekojiru's Cat Soup comics to the point of being a rip-off.
Last update: 21st Feb 2019
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Short fast comics
Last update: 30th Sep 2018
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Fallout Comics
Poorly-drawn comics about things that happen as I play Fallout 4. Just for laughs.
Last update: 3rd Feb 2019
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