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Sajan Rai's Profile
Sajan Rai

Registration date: 27th Apr 2013
Last seen: 8th Sep 2017, 5:02 PM
Posts: 36
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Location: London
About me
I am a 25 year-old illustrator/animator living in London - and one of the team members behind Backwards Burd I mostly draw, play guitar and watch telveision. You can check out some of my comics such as Petty Beach, Brocko N' Frens and miscellaneous one-shots on Childish Butt-Vomit I also put up my After Life comic - which was one of my first comics I made in the summer of '12.
Thanks fellas!
I welcome any feedback/critique/enquiries/compliments.

Sajan Rai's comics
After Life
Surreal, sit-com based in what's alluded to being the after life. Zutter's the protagonist underdog, Jeremy is his flatmate hell-bent on mischief (think a malicious Kramer) Across the corridor is the seedy Beezlefuck who is reluctantly included in their schemes much to his delight and their disgust.
Last update: 1st Aug 2013
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Childish Butt-Vomit
Hey, I'm Sajan Rai.
Childish butt-vomit is a way giving a home to miscellaneous/non-miscellaneous comics and images that I find myself producing.

Last update: 10th Aug 2016
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