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I like pokemon! So I do pokemon comics.

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Finding Your Roots Finding Your Roots
TW - Major character death, very mild blood and injuries

Cedar the mudkip has always been an outcast, but she never let it get her down. Instead of swimming with her peers, she loves to play in the dirt and mud. She wants to be more connected with her ground-type roots, but her tribe only sees themselves as water-types, and everyone she knows sees earth pokemon as silly and useless. Cedar's hopes of meeting like-minded pokemon seem slim, until the day a mysterious desert egg pops up in her village. Upon setting out to bring the egg home, Cedar will embark on a life-changing journey where she'll meet new friends, face villains and hardship, and find roots she never knew she had.

Finding Your Roots is an Omega Ruby earthlocke told in the style of Pokemon Mystery Dungeons. Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Game Freak, and PMD belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, and Chunsoft.

Updates Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays

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Children of the Light Children of the Light
An original comic featuring a dysfunctional family of forest spirits.
Last update: 3 days ago
Occasional Strong Language
Little Lapses Little Lapses
"The essence of true friendship is to make allowance for another's little lapses." -David Storey

School is out, and summer’s here! Holly the Yungoos is the newest kid in Amity Village, and her first year at her new school is finally wrapping up. With her friends Cinnabar the Scorbunny and Blue the Phanpy at her side, nothing can ruin the last day of school… except for one problem: Something is bothering Blue, and she won’t share what it is. To make her feel better, Cinnabar has declared that their first day of summer is going to be the best day ever! But good intentions pave the road to trouble. Holly, Cinnabar, and Blue may be in for more than they can handle, and in order to stick together, they’ll have to make allowance for each other’s little lapses.

Story and Art by Salt&PepperBunny and ZeroProStudio~

Pokemon is Copyright the Pokemon Company and Nintendo

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The Things We Have The Things We Have
Life wasn't perfect, even before it happened. But they could do anything, because they could do it for her. As partner of one of the warren's most powerful Bigs, they could eat the freshest food and sleep in the driest burrows. They could rise to meet each coming day. They loved her, lived for her, and she loved them in return. Life wasn't perfect, but they were together, and her love was all they ever needed.

And then, she died.

Now alone in a world where even the strongest animals die, one young rabbit must navigate the challenges of the wild and endure the cruelty of the herd's superstition. It is said by the rabbits of the Hilltop Warren that the soul of a rabbit speaks through the body, in ear twitches, stamps of the feet, and gleeful, sparking jumps. A rabbit's scream is its final expression, the soul set free from the body, never to be reclaimed. A rabbit who dies has need for it no longer. But not every rabbit who screams will die. What becomes of the survivors? What becomes of the rabbits who have faced the unimaginable? What becomes of the those who have endured the greatest suffering?

What does it mean to lose your soul?

Last update: 19th Feb 2022
Violent Content