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Registration date: 14th Jan 2010
Last seen: 16th Jun 2016, 5:49 PM
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Salty's comics
The Weekly Life in Simon's Basement
Laugh at the not-so-epic quest of a group of teenagers trying to play a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Art style inspired by Rich Burlew's Order of the Stick.
Last update: 25th Sep 2013
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Out Of Game Knowledge
Whereas The Weekly Life in Simon's Basement showcases the exploits of a group of gamers playing Dungeons and Dragons, this is an example of them in everyday life. Topics are widespread and random, dealing from holidays to gaming to technology to grammar. Don't expect this comic to be updated as frequently as WLiSB, which is really saying something. I only update this comic when I think of an idea that wouldn't fit elsewhere.
Last update: 22nd Sep 2013
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