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The Glory of Atlas
In a pre-deluvian age, world supremacy is fought by the two mythological kingdoms of Atlantis and Lemuria. But caught in between is a small isolated, but fierce tribe of forest dwellers who will fight even harder to keep their way of life, and survive the clash of these two powerful nations.
Last update: 30th May 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore
You Don't Know Jack
my take on what ever became of Jack from Jack and the beanstalk. Based in the 1100's in a much more fantastical world than ours in the dark ages of England. I depict Jack Thatcher as a somewhat suave and highly athletic young man who re-tells his story of adventure, fear and eventual ruin. From the daring escape from the Giant's massive castle to his fall down to Earth and eventual rise to famedom.
Last update: 18th Jun 2017
The Holy Bible
This is the bible. The King james to be exact to commemorate my Sabbath activities.
Last update: 13th Feb 2021
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity