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I like pmd and comedy!

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A small comics based on two of my characters going into crazy adventures!
Last update: 9 days ago
PMD: Nurmple Jolt
After Jacob grabs his shopping list, he finds himself lost in a forest even though it’s straight up not possible. Later that day, Mark Zucchini finds him and makes him a jolteon.

then he finds a egg.

Last update: 31st Mar 2021
Your Regular Eevee Comic
After being born, an eevee finds herself in the PC. We soon learn she becomes friends with another Eevee named Jack.

History: Eevee House, or Your Regular Eevee Comic was made during early 2020 as a joke with my cousins. I soon left it on hiatus on the 6th chapter thus believing it would be another rip off of Stupid Short Eevee Comics. Back in March 2021 I decided to continue on it since it wasn’t that bad in a way. As of right now I’m not gonna change the style due to changing it could change the mood. (My new style will be used in backstories possibly and photographs.)

Your Regular Eevee Comic is based off Stupid Short Eevee Comics by ScruffyEevee, I tried to at least give off some originality so I’m sorry if it’s familiar.

Last update: Two weeks ago