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Registration date: 12th Oct 2016
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About me
Hello everyone, my name is Sean. I am the creator of Lady Puissant. I and my friends ScarletZero and Krilow have all teamed up to bring you Lady Puissant: The Series. I hope you enjoy your stay here and if you have any questions or just wanna chat, email me here:

I hope you all have a Puissant day. :)

Seanimusprime98's comics
Lady Puissant: The Series
Do you like Superheroes and stories? Do you like fun action along with emotional satisfaction? Have you ever wondered what happened between Transformers 3 and 4? Have you ever wanted to see a superheroine that will not be over-sexualized in costume and attitude? Do you want a family friendly yet still will not shy away from real problems story? Well if you are you've come to the right place. Introducing Lady Puissant: The Series!!! Follow a young 14 year old girl's journey as she gains superpowers with many crazy adventures being thrown her way.....
Last update: 16th Nov 2018
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Lady Puissant Shorts
Hello everyone. This is where We will be uploading comic shorts that are not just Lady Puissant, but other things as well, such Mel N Sue Topics, Mel N Sue Adventures, and other comic shorts. Some things here will correspond to the series as well, so be sure to constantly check here for updated stuff. Anyway I hope you guys have a wonderful Puissant day :)
Last update: 9th Mar 2018
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Lady Puissant Extras
Hello everyone. This is where will be uploading extra pages that are not comics at. This will character biographies, covers of certain events, portraits of characters, and even fan art (If we ever get any lol). No comics will be posted here, some things posted here may not even have anything to do with the series such as big announcements, so be sure to check here constantly to keep up with Updates. I hope you all have a Puissant Day :)
Last update: 30th Jul 2018
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Lady Puissant Archives
Hello everyone, This is an archive of all the old stuff. This just shows how began and what she went to now. I will not be uploading here anymore but will leave it up if you wanna see what the progression of her from when she began till now.
Last update: 31st Dec 2017
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