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Well there's not much to tell about me, but I suppose I can make it interesting:

Hey there, I'm a graphic and digital designer, just trying to make my name out there! I love comics, webcomics, cartoons, games, and anything that ENTERTAINING.

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Always Evergreen
Welcome to the Evergreen Retirement home, where stories of each character intertwine with the next! Each one has their own fascinating tale of their past, some getting into how they managed to arrive at Evergreen.
So if you are interested in Slice of Life comics, that dabble in different scenarios, then join us here in the Evergreen Retirement!

(NOTE: This webcomic has suggestive SFW topics and scenes that may be sensitive. If this is not to your liking, please return to Comic Fury for a more suitable story.)

Last update: 13th Jan 2018
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language