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Seishin Hermy's Profile
Seishin Hermy
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Registration date: 2nd Nov 2018
Last seen: Yesterday, 8:05 PM
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Location: Portugal
About Me
Hi! I'm Hermy and I'm a '94 kid who is taking her first steps in actually putting out content instead of saying I will someday. I'm nonbinary (she/her pronouns) and a massive nerd once you get to know me. Also an art college dropout.

I love drawing (or at least am slowly relearning to), almost every kind of music, anime and manga, italian food, reading webcomics and visual novels, singing, candy, MMORPGs, my friends and DOGS! Man, I really love dogs.

I have a Boxer doggo named Loki (born 2012) and when it's cold he likes to sleep under the blankets with me. He is the best little star in my life and kept me going when I was at my lowest. He's also a derp!

Seishin Hermy's Webcomics
A webcomic about death, spirits, and the afterlife. Reader discretion is advised, as it may contain themes and implications not suitable for all readers.
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